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Customer Comments

"Thanks for your continued support and timely responses to any concern we have had. Again thanks for all that you do.... It is heads above anything we have ever received from any other software vendor. For once, I can say that we are finally where we always hoped we could be. Thank You!!"

Tony Akers
Resley Tire Co., Inc.

"At this time, we have only dealt with Tom Yeager, Jon Wilder and Shaun Lindsay. I must say the aforementioned gentlemen were very professional, courteous and highly knowledgeable. No one could ask for a better group of people to deal with. As for the software, it has been a truly amazing experience. It is unbelievably user-friendly, simple and thorough....I think I made a good decision to go with MaddenCo. I look forward to going into the future with MaddenCo and their staff behind me."

Jake Melvin, Jr.
Mid Atlantic Truck Service

"[MaddenCo has a] great family atmosphere at the corporate office....We never felt that we were hung out to dry after the initial setup, training and going live. Thank you very much!"

Jack Brearley
Highway Service Ventures

"We just recently went 'live' on the MaddenCo system and it has been great! We were thrilled with the installation process. Customer service has been amazing. "

Beth Weaver
Beasley Tire Service

"After three years of using Maddenco, we still marvel at its functionality, dependability, and versatility. We now have a system that will do anything we ask of it, and downtime, while rare, is only due to our internet connection. With 16 retail locations, and a wholesale center, we needed a system that would do more than just make a sales ticket. Maddenco delivers!"

David Wilson
America's Best Tires

"With the launch of a revitalized Service Center program in November 2004 our members directed us to find what could best be described as a Trendar system for the Service Centers. One that would tie individual locations into a chain, but preserve the unique nature of our independent operations. Requirements included a shared customer database, inventory functions, pricing capabilities, ability to consolidate billing for the customer, easy to operate and affordable to all members.

Our search led us to Maddenco Systems to fulfill these requirements. After research of the system that included member locations Maddenco was chosen to be the recommended operating system for AMBEST Service Centers. Much to our delight and sometimes amazement the system not only met requirements but exceeded them.

Maddenco is not a new kid on the block having been in the software business for over 30 years with a proven product. Their experience has been tested by the unique nature of our business. Because of this unique style of business we created issues in how the system was managed. Due to the flexibility of the program, along with the determination of Maddenco, solutions for these issues were developed. At this time AMBEST Service Centers is positioned to have our cake and eat it too."

Tommy Davis
AMBEST Director of Service Centers