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Inventory Control

  • Complete Inventory Reporting and Audit
    • User Defined Sorting and Selection of Data
    • Re-order Reports
    • Unit Movement Reports
    • Slow Movement Reports
    • Turnover Reports
  • Automatic and Manual Purchase Order Generation
  • Automatic Inter-Company Order Generation
  • Automatic Inter-Company Shipping Notification
  • Serial Number-Tracking
  • Used Tire Tracking
  • Maximum/Minimum Inventory Level Calculations
  • Physical Inventory Count System
    • Count Sheets
    • Count Reconciliation
    • Ability to Continue with Business and Post Reconciliation at a Later Date
    • Count Input via Hand Held Device or Terminal
    • Count Input via Wireless On-line Hand Held Scanner
    • Scan Bar Codes
  • Download user defined Inventory Reports to Excel
  • Lost Sales Analysis (stock and non-stock)
  • Color coding: obsolete/hot sheet inventory (or other status defined)
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