Why MaddenCo

Why MaddenCo

One software. One server. One easy monthly payment.

We make it simple for our customers to stay ahead of the technology game. Customers are always on the latest release of our software, deciding for themselves if and when to turn on new features. Continue reading for the other many reasons to use The Tire Dealer System software!

Keeping It Simple

What gives MaddenCo a leg up on the competition is that no matter how complicated an action that is being performed, it is amazingly easy to complete it. It's part of our missions to deliver clear, logical, intuitive, efficient and reliable software. Further, the fact that we maintain only one software product allows us to have a singular focus on helping the customer.

Reliable and Secure

MaddenCo works every day to ensure that our software is fast, reliable and accurate. Our IBM servers are hosted in two separate colocations in different cities, which offers the protection and peace of mind that our customers deserve.

Highly Trained Support Staff

We do not outsource Technical Support. Our technical specialists are based at our headquarters, in close contact with all our software developers and trainers. If you happen to have a difficult issue, it is moved directly to the people who can help solve the problem.

24-hour Customer Support

Customer Support is available 24/7/360 through after-hours support, as well as via phone and email during our regular business hours.

Thousands of Users

There are over 2600 tire industry locations using the MaddenCo system in the United States and Canada. Thousands of users are processing data through our system every day. Our clients include some of the largest and most recognizable companies in the tire industry.

Award-winning Software

MaddenCo was named an Indiana Company to Watch in 2011 by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.  MaddenCo has also been recognized for its "continuous technological evolution" by GeneXus, a leading worldwide software engineering firm based in Uruguay (2019).  

Made in the USA

Our programming staff is located entirely at our headquarters in Evansville, Indiana. We do not outsource development projects to other companies. Our Software Support team is also based at our headquarters.


For over 45 years, MaddenCo has been a privately-held family business.

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More than just a point of sale system

Comprehensive. Efficient. Flexible.