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MaddenCo’s suite of mobile apps makes it easy for you to conduct business away from headquarters. Want your sales force to pull up data on a customer while on-site? We can do that. Want to capture a signature when delivering tires? We can do that too! Want to start tickets from a tablet? No sweat. How about sending new tickets to your mobile techs and keeping track of statuses? You guessed it. Learn more below.

MCI Fleet

Talk about flexibility! This mobile app is designed for either your customer or your sales staff to put a customer’s information at the user’s fingertips. Information that you provide to the customer on a daily basis through phone calls and emails can be accessed from an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Android tablet. Whether you give access to the customer or your salesmen, the time savings in your office will be noticed!

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MCI Delivery

Capture a customer’s signature at the point of delivery on a mobile device and the signature will be kept in our system for historical purposes. If the delivered items are not correct, just add a message to the invoice stating the details. Signatures can be displayed within our software and reprinted at any time.

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MCI Service

This mobile app is designed for service-oriented businesses, both retail and commercial. This app features the ability to fill out forms, take pictures and capture signatures, which are all associated to and emailed with the invoice. Users of this app also have the ability to add line items and messages to work orders. Start and/or finish tickets from this mobile.

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More than just a point of sale system

Comprehensive. Efficient. Flexible.