MaddenCo’s wholesale ordering system fits all warehouses, big or small.

MaddenCo’s wholesale ordering system fits all warehouses, big or small. Our order entry process is quick and easy, allowing for the picking of orders right away, or creating pull reports to systematically pull and stage multiple orders for your delivery trucks. Our wholesale customers have the ability to notify their customers of orders via email, and can add or subtract individual customer orders from delivery routes that are about to be pulled. Quick customer lookups and access to customer and product history make this MaddenCo program a key to your success.

MaddenCo is more than just a Wholesale system. The Tire Dealer System will track your inventory as a single warehouse, or across multiple warehouses. Our system is integrated with our own Accounts Payable and General Ledger packages, which allows us to eliminate your key strokes for data entry. See more details below or call us today at 812 474-6245.

Order Entry

MaddenCo’s Order Entry process offers quick, reliable results beginning with finding your customer’s account and checking credit, then quickly looking up inventory at your customer’s price and getting it on an order. Users can add to a customer’s existing order all day long, or have each order request be its own ticket. MaddenCo wholesale customers also have the ability to allow customers to place online orders, as well as capture signatures at the time of delivery.

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Inventory Control

Wholesale users have thorough management and reporting capabilities throughout the system, all the way down to MaddenCo’s very own bin locator system. Users can also view inventory and purchase orders at multiple locations in real time. Scanning for physical inventory is also available with this system!

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Invoice History

Retrieving customer invoices is an easy operation within the Tire Dealer System. Printing and e-mailing options are available, along with the captured signature. Invoice reports are available to assist you in auditing curious transactions.

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Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis reports examine the products that you are selling. Our excellent reporting features help you determine how to stock your warehouse. Drop reports into Excel and break down your data even further!

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MaddenCo’s pricing functionality is without peer in the industry. Create automatic and date sensitive pricing. Build multiple levels for each customer or groups of customers. Discount structures available down to the SKU level. MaddenCo’s pricing matrixes make it easy for you to maintain accurate, complex pricing.

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Bar Code Scanning

Bar code scanning is a necessity in every warehouse. Take hours off of your physical inventory counts using our bar code scanning functionality. Ensure the accuracy of what is being put on your trucks by using bar code scanners at the docks. Those options and more are available through our scanning functionality.

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MCI Delivery

MaddenCo’s wholesale mobile app allows you to capture a customer’s signature at the time of delivery. The signature is associated with the relevant order and can be pulled up in Invoice History at a later date if needed.

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More than just a point of sale system

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