More Than Just A Point of Sale System

Tire Dealer System Software

MaddenCo understands the mantra ‘get the customer in and out of the door as quickly and effortlessly as possible’. Our Point of Sale system is designed to do just that, while at the same time allowing you to capture pertinent information about your customer. MaddenCo users can quickly lookup a customer’s vehicle, as well as view/print/email a customer’s full vehicle history. From there, it is easy to add products (and order parts) or labor items to a customer’s ticket and proceed to moving the order out to your shop. Finally, tendering out the customer is quick and easy, especially with our credit card integration. Throughout the process, our Tire Dealer System has many ways to capture information about your customer and to help you stay in front of that customer through our merchandising system.

MaddenCo delivers for the commercial dealer as well. With national account interfaces to many of the leading rubber vendors such as Bridgestone, Continental/General, Firestone, Goodyear, Hankook, Michelin, Yokohama and, MaddenCo is the leader in integrated services.

In addition, our full service system includes an Emergency Road Service Call Center to track the emergency service calls made to a dealer. Click HERE to learn more.

MaddenCo is more than just a Point of Sale system. The Tire Dealer System will track your inventory as a single location, or across multiple locations. Our system is integrated with our own Accounts Payable and General Ledger software, which allows us to eliminate key strokes for accounting data entry. See more details below or call us today at 812 474-6245.

Point of Sale

MaddenCo’s Point of Sale process offers quick, superior results beginning with meeting the customer at the sales counter or at the customer’s vehicle to ending with printing or emailing the finished invoice and inspection form for the customer. Our Point of Sale tools provide simple, useful information throughout the sales process, allowing for a smooth transaction and a satisfied customer.

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Invoice History

Searching for and reviewing customer invoices is an easy operation within the Tire Dealer System. Printing and e-mailing options are available, along with a captured invoice signature. Invoice reports are available to assist you in auditing curious transactions.

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Vehicle History

Vehicle history searches are a snap within Point of Sale. Numerous modes of searching are available. See your customer’s entire vehicle history and print it on demand. E-mailing and printing options are available should a customer want to see a vehicle’s history. It’s even possible for a vehicle’s entire maintenance history to be seen, even maintenance not performed at your shop!

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Inventory Control

Find slow moving and obsolete products. Automatically order low stock products. Provide easy-to-use resources to the sales staff for finding products and relaying information to customers. Utilize easy physical inventory routines that eliminate hours of manual labor. MaddenCo’s inventory control processes are the best in the industry. We are ready to help you manage your inventory!

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Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis reports examine the products and services that you are selling. Our excellent reporting features help you determine how to stock inventory, as well as to measure the effectiveness of your sales force. Drop reports into Excel and break down your data even further!

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MaddenCo’s pricing functionality is without peer in the industry. Create automatic and date sensitive pricing. Build multiple pricing levels for each customer or groups of customers. Discount structures are available down to the SKU level. Contract pricing is available as well. MaddenCo’s multi-layer pricing functionality makes it easy for you to maintain accurate, complex pricing for all customers.

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Bar Code Scanning

Tired of spending your weekends counting tires? Take hours off of your physical inventory counts using bar code scanning functionality. Tired of inaccurate orders going out your door? Use scanners and confirm that what the customer ordered is what is being shipped. Those options and more are available through our scanning functionality.

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More than just a point of sale system

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