Inventory Control

Wholesale users have thorough management and reporting capabilities throughout the system, all the way down to MaddenCo’s very own bin locator system. Users can also view inventory and purchase orders at multiple locations in real time. Scanning for physical inventory is also available with this system!

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  • Complete inventory reporting and auditing
  • User defined sorting and selection of data
  • Re-order reports
  • Unit movement reports
  • Slow movement reports
  • Turnover reports
  • Automatic and manual purchase order generation
  • Automatic inter-company order generation
  • Automatic inter-company shipping notification
  • Serial number tracking
  • Used tire tracking
  • Consigned inventory tracking
  • Automatic and manual:
    • Maximum/minimum inventory level calculations
  • Physical inventory count system
    • Count sheets
    • Count reconciliation
    • Ability to continue with business and post reconciliation at a later date
    • Count input via hand held device or terminal
    • Count input via wireless on-line hand held scanner
    • Scan bar codes
  • Download user defined inventory reports into Excel
  • Lost sales analysis (stock and non-stock)

More Wholesale Features

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More than just a point of sale system

Comprehensive. Efficient. Flexible.